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Need Corporate entertainment anywhere in the US?

Celebrating a 21st or 80th birthday party in Illinois, Wisconsin or Iowa?

Find out if Zack’s unique comedy magic and mentalism style would be right for your next event!

You probably looked for and found this page because you have a problem that needs solving.  You have been tasked with finding entertainment for your next event but it can’t just be any entertainment.  You are being counted on to find something fresh, fun, exciting and INTERACTIVE!  You really don’t want something boring… again this year, like last time.

Here, you will learn how to make your next corporate meeting or holiday party, etc. event one that EVERYONE will remember and talk about for YEARS to come!!

My new corporate magic show is one that I have been performing and evolving at company picnics, holiday parties, sales meetings, awards events and more for over 25 years!

I provide a combination of close-up magic, comedy “parlor”/”stand-up magic”, humorous escape artistry, mind reading and even super suspenseful, DARING magic and more!  Some of my routines are performed with music and sound effects.  I provide my own complete PA System, microphones and everything else needed to create an entertaining environment that is GUARANTEED to entertain your audience! The music played before, during and after the show is licensed and digitally composed by me, Zack Percell with some pieces sourced elsewhere and even written and composed by music genius: Kevin Macleod.

Most magicians make a decision between creating a performance filled with powerful magic or comedy magic.  It was easy for me to make the decision to do both!  I love to blow my audiences’ minds while making the laugh and smile at the same time!

My corporate performance features a routine that merges magic with humor and even science fiction!  In my show, you just may have the chance to see what seems to be inexplicable PROOF that time travel is indeed possible!

Close-up table magic is entertainment that can be purchased separately by the hour (or 1/2) or as an addition to the stand-up comedy magic performance.  Stand-up performances range from 15 – 90 minutes.  I can do whatever works best for you!

I have had 100% satisfied clients over the about 3 decades that I have been performing, and that is something that very few performers can actually honestly say!

Don’t just take my word for it!  Please check out the videos of me performing at actual events and videos of what past clients and audience members have had to say about not only my performances, but also what it was like working with me.  That is important too, right?  If you have not already, check out my 100% positive (from all legitimate clients) reviews on Google by searching TnZ Magic!

Many of my past clients have been gracious enough to offer their opinions on video so that they can help you make an informed decision on how to make your corporate event the BEST EVER!

So, If you are convinced that I can stand up to my GUARANTEE that your group will be happy with the entertainment I can provide and that you will be a hero for hiring me, please contact me for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote by submitting the form found above in the “Inquiry / Booking Form” tab.

My contact info is also at the top of each page.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.  I will almost always get back to you the same day, often within minutes!  You can use the question form at the bottom of this page, too!

Would you like for me to do a live audition for particular events or running performances?  Contact me with details and we may just be able to set that up!

Speaking of questions, you may be wondering why I don’t have prices posted on here..?

Well, all situations are different and fees for entertainment vary.  Travel, show length, additional services, etc. can be different/added and can change the price structure.

Once we determine the type and amount of entertainment that would be perfect for your event, I can give you the exact fee for that package.  Once that fee is determined, there are NEVER any additional costs that you did not know about (like in so many other industries and cases) and your fee is guaranteed with a confirmation agreement showing the exact dollar amount.  If that fee works for you, we can confirm it!

Although many clients choose to tip, there is NEVER any expectation or obligation to do that, either.


How big will your party be?

Do you need a DJ too?  

Zack can provide basic, yet professional DJ services for your party, making it EXTRA fun!

All you need is a venue with a WIFI connection or Xfinity service, as well as BMI/ ASCAP licensing (most public venues already have the credentials) and Zack will bring the rest!  Virtually ANY song of any genre can be requested and he can even run his entire system for about 3 hours without the need for a power outlet!  Rates start as low as $200 (with the purchase of a magic show)!  Contact Zack NOW for more details!


By Specialty Insurance Agency.





The Following Testimonials Are Guaranteed To Be 100% Genuine!

“Zack is truly a pleasure to work with. His communication skills and attention to detail pre-event were impressive. Zack was very accommodating, professional and flexible in meeting all of the the clients needs. He did a phenomenal job of engaging the guests, strolling the cocktail hour as well as the dinner hour. He kept things moving and guests entertained, using humor as well as his talents as a first class magician. His post dinner stage show was amazing and garnered excellent reviews from everyone, including the company VP. As a professional event planner, I welcome the opportunity to work with Zack again and will highly recommend him to clients.”

– Kat H  Professional Event Planner for Corporate Event at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells


“Zack was an amazing talent, and very dependable. The poor guy drove up in the middle of a blizzard just to make it to our party. That’s impressive. He left us in awe with his magic tricks, and he had some of us in tears too he was so funny during his show!  I highly recommend him to any type of occasion. He’s very professional, and excellent at what he does. Out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction, he’s a one hundred gazillion. 🙂

– Jessica S  Event Coordinator for corporate event in Lacrosse, Wisconsin


“Everything went so smooth! From Zack setting up for his performance, all the way to the finish, he was very professional. I have been in charge of our company’s Christmas parties in the past, and I have never received so many compliments on the entertainment. He had everyone’s undivided attention and kept them wondering what was to come next. I actually had a few employees comment that their sides were beginning to hurt from laughing! I would recommend Zack to anyone, from kids to adults. He was a big hit! Thanks to Zack for a very entertaining show.”

– Julie G  Event Planner for Corporate Event in Hampton, IA


“This was my second time planning the company holiday party, and Zack was exactly what I was looking for in a performer. His magic was impressive, but most importantly, he was really funny! Everyone commented on how much fun they had. We finally found the kind of interactive entertainment we’ve been wanting for our holiday party. He went out of his way to personalize his performance and really connected with the audience. My boss, who has been working here for 21 years, told me that this party was one of the best we’ve ever had. I would highly recommend Zack for a company party or any kind of party.”

– Sarah M  HR Manager/Planner for Corporate event in Madison, Wisconsin


I have received nothing but compliments from my fellow employees on our holiday party, last Saturday evening!  They are still talking about how much fun they had!  Thank you for creating a very successful evening for our employees.

The following are comments I received from co-workers, management, and our board of directors:

‘…VERY entertaining…engaging!’

‘…funny and fun!’

‘…enjoyed the table-to-table performance…personable, likable…’

“Zack made everyone feel very comfortable and at ease.  I would recommend Zack to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable evening!”

-Lori T. – Exec. Secretary/Event Coordinator – Cornerstone Credit Union, Freeport, IL


All of us enjoyed your show immensely!It was something different for us, and you were so much fun.”

– Darlene, Event Planner – Oregon Health Care Pharmacy


 “Zack astonished us before dinner with his table tricks, and amazed us after dinner with his (Stand-Up) performance!”

-Loren S. Great Clips Owner

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