Add Ons

Add any or all of these additiaonl feature to your Birthday or Family Party Package.


Tina is the official face painter for TnZ Magic!  She can provide designs for children (and adults) with face painting and temporary tattoos.  Balloons, spiders, aliens, lady bugs butterflies, skeletons, penguins the sun and more, are just a handful of the designs that she has available!  Face painting services are typically only available in addition to magic show services.


This is our most popular add-on!
After the show, Zack can provide basic balloons for the children! Each child can choose from basic designs like: Giraffe, Turtle, Several different Types of Dogs, Bunny, Hat, Sword, Heart, Flower, and more!
Some birthday parties qualify for FREE or reduced rate Ballooning! Ask Zack if your party does!

Ticket options are available at fun fairs and other events. Zack can provide the tickets.


This is the newest add-on to the TnZ Magic options list. After Zack’s magic show, the kids get to release what may remain of their energy and excitement with bubbles that are produces by the THOUSANDS from Zack’s professional bubble machine!
In addition to up about 20 minutes of AMAZING bubble FUN, this party includes additional magic performed with some of the bubbles as well as 20 minutes of DJ service so that the kids have lyric free/royalty free party music to dance and play to!  Both the bubble machine and sound system run off of a self-contained power supply, so they can be operated ANYWHERE w/o the need for a power outlet!

Contact Zack for the additional price of this FUN add-on!


This is quickly becoming a very popular add-on!

In 30+ minutes, after the magic show, Zack teaches the kids how to do at least 3 different, super easy to learn AMAZING magic tricks! Even if your child is a magic fan and does a little magic, chances are, these tricks will be new to her/him. They will not only learn to AMAZE people with these fun tricks, but they will learn some of the keys to performing, in general, as well as terminology. They will also receive most of the props, needed to perform the tricks! The fee for this add-on partially depends on the number of children in attendance.

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