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Here, you will learn how to make your next event one that EVERYONE will remember for YEARS to come!!

Have you already had numerous magic shows? Have you found that your audience is the type that is at least as much as, if not more impressed with the mentalism (mind reading, predictions, etc.) aspects? I hear that a lot! Sometimes people will ask if I can do more of that kind of thing when they bring me back for their next event.

Well, you are in luck!!!

My mentalism show, called: “Z-Mentalist” is my newest show! I have only been performing it for a while now, and it is already becoming more and more popular with my clients!  I can include magic in the mentalism show, too.

I have even performed some of my mentalism routines for the top executive producers of America’s Got Talent, via their request!

Imagine the serial number of a borrowed dollar bill being predicted in an absolutely IMPOSSIBLE way!

Imagine me Hypnotizing a volunteer in such a way that he can control their strength!  It’s funny and mind blowing!

Imagine me predicting several thoughts that someone in the audience didn’t even know they would have, long before the show even started!

Imagine me predicting exactly how someone from the audience will mix a Rubik’s Cube, which is impossible, considering the fact that there are truly 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different possible pattern combinations!!

Imagine spoons and forks and even borrowed coins being bent, not only with my mind, but by the minds of (while being held by) audience members!

I provide my own complete PA System, microphones and everything else needed to create an entertaining environment that is GUARANTEED to please your audience!

This show runs about 45-90 minutes (your choice) and is filled with comedy and even has a little visual magic, too!

I have had 100% satisfied clients over the nearly 3 decades of performing my other shows, and that is something that very few performers can actually honestly say!

Contact me today to book “Z-Mentalist”!


By Specialty Insurance Agency.

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